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Amenities Trays
These hotel amenities trays make the perfect item to present your hotel toiletries. By using a tray the presentation is moved up a notch.
Amenities Trays

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Oval Frosted Amenities Tray

From: $74.50 / per Case

Plastic Amenity Trays

From: $179.60 / per Case

Out of stock

Frosted Amenity Tray

From: $237.65 / per Case

Metal Prestige Amenity Trays

From: $366.72 / per Case

Laminated Rectangular Trays

From: $463.10 / per Case

午夜福利体检区午夜福利体检区,波多野结衣在线波多野结衣在线Wood Oval Amenities Tray

From: $466.00 / per Case

Grid  List  午夜福利体检区午夜福利体检区,波多野结衣在线波多野结衣在线

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