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  1. Hope they throw the book at this bast*rd. Give him a long prison sentence, and de-license him so he can never practice his profession again.
  2. Same for me, nothing has changed really. I live in a very small village in rural Korat. The only thing that has changed in my life since last March is I'm just stuck here and can't really move. Normally I would have made a couple of trips to Lao/Cambo/Nam and would have made a trip back to Aust for Xmas/Summer. But as far as just living my retirement in Thailand nothing has changed.
  3. TSF

    Last Will

    I made a Thailand will a couple of years ago for my partner (we are not legally married). I looked at will kits but in the end decided to go through a law firm. We did it with Isarn Lawyers in Korat, can't remember now the exact cost but I think it was about 2000 Bt. There is a copy with the law firm, I have a copy, my partner has her copy. The big advantage is after I snuff it my partner wouldn't even know where to begin and would probably get jerked around if she rolled up at the bank with a DIY will in her hand. The way it is now, after I snuff it she goes to Isarn Lawyers and they do all t
  4. Yes, disconnect the battery. It also pays to go to Tesco or Big C and buy one of those car covers, they cost around 600-900 Bt, that will keep the dust & bird sh*t off your car. BC (before covid) I used to go back to Australia for 3-5 months each year, always disconnected the car battery, and as soon as I got back here just reconnect and start it up.
  5. No, vaccinate everybody and break the chain of transmission. Do this and the virus dies.
  6. TSF

    Last Will

    No but if it's for use in Thailand you really should go through a Thai legal firm and make sure everything is done correctly according to Thai law. Not much point making a DIY will only to have it knocked back after you snuff it.
  7. I've had a few DTAC sims over the years, never experienced any difficulties buying one.
  8. Good advice, I would add, have a shower and a shave and dress in your smartest clothes. +1 for let wifey take over.
  9. TSF

    Being charged for unwanted messages on DTAC Sims.

    I had the same thing a couple of years ago, I didn't know what was going on and my DTAC pre-paid credit was being chewed up. Anyway, just take your phone to the nearest DTAC store, and they'll stop it in a few seconds, when they fixed it for me they gave me a message code that I can use if it ever starts again. It's very easy to stop so see DTAC.
  10. Complete bloody madness, once the word gets around among the poorer Thais that if they go to hospital with covid sickness they'll cop 9000Bt bills they'll just remain home and spread the infection to everyone else in their vicinity.
  11. This one will be the game changer, cheap and doesn't need special freezing, easy to transport around, can be kept in clinic fridges. Labs around the world will be churning this out in the billions of doses.
  12. "The Public Health Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday saying all arrivals to Thailand will have to undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine even if they have been vaccinated." All you guys getting your nickers in a knot over this statement from the Public Health, just bear in mind it will change in a couple of weeks, and change again a week or so after that, and change again not long after that. By mid 2021, after the results from the mass vaccinations are kicking in they're be relaxing things.
  13. Side effects when reported are a headache, a sore arm, feeling nauseous, which may last for an hour or so to a couple of days. All these side effects are common with any vaccination, and often common with just having an injection or any serology test. None of these side effects are cause for concern. I had my first influenza shot in mid 2019 and it knocked me for 6, I felt terrible for 3-4 days, then everything was back to normal.
  14. Gonna be an almighty lockdown coming in 7-10 days time when the post-NY hols spread hits like a tsunami.
  15. 56 in Rayong already...jeez, it's going to erupt early Jan. Obviously the gov are too scared to call a nation wide lockdown right now as so many people have NY travel plans and have made reservations so there will be a huge uproar, but they'll have no choice when the 2nd wave hits like a tsunami in another week or two.
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